Zero Days

Zero Days

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A deadly bug is threatening the world’s computers

It’s smart, fast and developed by a group of elite hackers

It can break through the highest security, crippling any system within

It’s the ultimate cyber weapon

Nobody understands the mind of a hacker quite like Chuck Drayton. But he’s gone offline, racked with guilt after a failed operation cost innocent lives.

When Chuck is called back into action, he soon gets caught in the perilous crossfire of an unfolding cyber war and the desperate race to stop the Zero Day before it’s too late.

From Burma to Berlin and on to the new frontline of Ukraine, Chuck is up against spies, cyber criminals and an unscrupulous tech billionaire – each with their own dark motives.

But for Drayton, the battle to find the hackers becomes more than just another job… it becomes a journey of redemption.



About the author

Ian Williams is an award-winning journalist who has reported from across the world. He covered business for the Sunday Times before becoming a foreign correspondent, based first in Russia and then the Far East for Channel 4 News and then the American network NBC. Ian has travelled and reported from across China, and more recently covered the Russian annexation of Crimea and the conflict in eastern Ukraine. In 2017 he published his first novel, Beijing Smog, a satire on modern China. He has taken a strong interest in the dark cyber world, the world of hackers and cyber spies that are at the heart of his new thriller, Zero Days.

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