What Page, Sir?

What Page, Sir?

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by Simon Pickering

The Joy of Text in a Secondary School Classroom

If Mr Pickering had done his job well and taught me the right syllabus, maybe I would have studied English at university. He didn’t and now I’m a full time drummer who loves Pride and Prejudice. I guess it worked out in the end’ Femi Koleoso, drummer (Gorillaz and The Ezra Collective)

‘An infallible guide to the pleasures and pitfalls of teaching the strange canon of texts selected for this annual trial by ordeal. Sharp critical insights combine with hilarious anecdotes... Highly recommended’ Professor David Duff, Queen Mary University of London

What Page, Sir? records the hilarious and sometimes painful experience of an English teacher as he struggles through some very familiar literary texts with some very unenthusiastic teenagers. Alongside the comedy that a teacher could really live without, is a fresh and irreverent look at the stalwarts of the school curriculum.

Featuring An Inspector Calls, Lord of the Flies, Of Mice and Men, plus the obvious works by Jane Austen, Dickens and Shakespeare – texts that seem to have been the staple for secondary schools forever, and, in some cases, remain a drag for everyone involved.

But beneath the buffoonery in the classroom, this book makes a more serious point about the education we are serving up for our children and whether it’s finally time for change.


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