Travels with my Grief

Travels with my Grief

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Out 15th September in paperback and ebook!

By Susan Bloch

Emotionally raw, endearingly wry, and sweetly seductive.  Kim Barnes, Pulitzer Finalist

When Susan Bloch lost her partner John far too early, she faced her grief with courage – and what many would term a moment of madness. Giving up her successful career in the UK, she moved overnight to India, facing not just the uncertainties and worries of a new life in a strange land – and being one of the only white women in a high-powered corporate role – but coping with her own very real grief at the death of her husband.

Susan’s brave – and some might say unconventional – approach to tackling her grief provides a compelling and very human insight into loss of a loved one, and at the same time delivers a beautifully written love letter to India in all its vibrant, chaotic, life-affirming glory.

Refreshingly honest and highly emotive, Travels with My Grief is as engaging as it is inspiring, and is more than a simple self-help manual or travelogue. This book is a genuinely life-changing read, and one that should be read by anyone who wants an insight into the joys, belief, spirituality and hope that living can bring us all.