Exodus of Spies

Exodus of Spies

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by Brian Landers

Angola, 1987. The biggest tank battle since the Second World War. South Africans, fighting to preserve apartheid, face superior Cuban firepower. Ministers want MI6 to provide support, but discreetly.

In the latest Dylan thriller Thomas and Julia confront death, betrayal and their own conscience.

On the front line in Angola Thomas confronts the realities of war. But death arrives much closer to home.

After thirty years at the heart of British Intelligence Adam Joseff has retired to his stamp collection. His loyalty is beyond question. Until he is murdered. Then the questions start.

Has Joseff betrayed his country? Or has he been betrayed? And why was he so interested in an Angolan student young enough to be his granddaughter? 

The Dylans start pulling the clues together. Then the politicians take over.

The fourth novel in the gripping Dylan Series.


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