The RedDoor Niche

RedDoor Press is the UK's leading hybrid publisher.

We’re not a traditional publisher. We love traditional publishers – it’s our background – but things are hard for them. They have always been selective in who they will take on, but in today’s environment they can afford to take fewer and fewer risks commercially or artistically.

We’re not a self-publishing service. Self-publishing services perform a great role: they allow anybody to get in print, and they give the author complete control over their finished book, to market as they please. But however excellent a book might be, it’s much harder to make it stand out when it’s published alongside anything and everything.

What we are is a hybrid of the two models. RedDoor operates exactly as a traditional publisher in that we market, sell and represent subsidiary rights on a curated list of top-drawer titles. We have a small roster of authors we believe in, and are extremely selective about who we take on.

‘Extremely selective’ is just that our business stands or falls by the quality of our list. We publish very few books annually, and we won’t take anything on if we can’t get completely behind it.

Our authors underwrite the cost of the production process of the UK edition of their book. This is the element we take from the self-publishing model; it shares the initial commercial risk for us, meaning that our sole consideration can be: ‘will this be a great book?’ It also gives the author immense control over every aspect of the process.

After this point we share the commercial returns equally. We’re invested long-term in the book’s success through sales and through subsidiary rights representation – another reason that we can only consider titles of genuine merit.

Collaboration is at the heart of what we do. We want our authors to feel involved, informed and fully supported. They are part of the team, all working towards the same goal: making, marketing and selling brilliant books.