The Dream

The Dream

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Every child has a dream of how they would like their life to be when they grow up. It's hard to know how many of us realise those early dreams because they can get lost through our many life experiences.

Inspirational speaker Grant Kitchen believes all people have a calling and a unique journey to discover who they really are and how they can make the world a better place. This is The Dream.

The Dream is:

  • A practical guide to help you fulfil your greatest potential
  • A business book to support your career goals
  • A reference book to guide you through life's challenges.

    The Dream will help you to:

  • identify your dream and make it happen
  • find sustainable middle path solutions to life's problems
  • overcome the five dark knights of the mind that are holding you back
  • understand the natural laws of the universe
  • avoid future negative outcomes and excel at work without being a perfectionist
  • become a more effective communicator.
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