Loose Canon

Loose Canon

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Loose Canon: The Extraordinary Songs of Clive James and Pete Atkin

"This is the work I'm known least for, but which is closest to my heart"

Clive James

For the last 50 years, Clive James has been writing remarkable songs witty, moving, sometimes satirical, often thrillingly poetic with his musical partner, Pete Atkin. They've written more than 200 together, releasing the first album of their work in 1970 and the last in 2015.

John Peel loved them. So did Kenny Everett. Stephen Fry is a huge fan. And Clive himself believes these songs are the best things he's ever done.

Loose Canon explores the sparkling lyrics and brilliantly memorable tunes that have won Clive and Pete a fanatical cult following but still managed to remain the British music industry s best-kept secret.

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