Jenny Lind

Jenny Lind

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Jenny Lind, the Swedish Nightingale, was a household name in 1850 – as world-famous then as Beyonce is now. She was renowned not just as a singer but also for her charity, her generosity and, at a time when the terms ‘singer’ and ‘actress’ had scandalous overtones, her virtuous life. In this fascinating biography, Jenny Lind’s great grand-daughter uncovers an extraordinary story, from the register of illegitimate births in Stockholm, to discovery by the Swedish Royal Theatre at just nine years old, to honour in the courts of Europe and a phenomenal tour of America. Jenny’s story is one of huge professional triumph, offering her fame and fortune and even the interest of kings, princes and the rich and famous, yet she experienced searing heartbreak before finally finding happiness in love. A truly fascinating story, essential reading for everyone interested in music, theatre and general history.

About the Author

Sarah Jenny Dunsmure is the great-great-granddaughter of Jenny Lind through her daughter Jenny Maude whose son Charles was the father of Sarah’s mother.   Sarah studied for the theatre but spent her working career in publishing and newspapers.   Since 2005 she has been researching and writing Jenny Lind the Story of the Swedish Nightingale, tracing the singer’s early years in Stockholm and following her extraordinary life through Scandinavia, Germany, Austria, Britain and America.   She is Honorary Member of the Jenny Lind Society.

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