How to Have Happy Children

How to Have Happy Children

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Published 4th July 

Parenting can be tough – tougher still when everyone has an opinion on raising a child. From the press, social media and online influencers right through to our friends and family, we’re bombarded with advice – and criticism – on how to be good parents.

Whilst our little ones aren’t born with a manual, How to Raise Happy Children is as close as it gets. Dr Martin Coles has seen it all, and having spent a lifetime working with and for children, his expert knowledge, research and experience are condensed here into ten brilliant bite-sized chapters, the Ten Commandments of Parenting:

  1. You shall not be perfect
  2. You shall prefer presence to praise
  3. You shall respect change
  4. You shall not make for yourself a false idol in screen time, but covet sleep time
  5. You shall take care for your child’s friendships
  6. You shall honour discipline
  7. Remember literacy to keep it holy
  8. You shall covet for your child play of all types
  9. You shall covet good relations with your partner and family members
  10. You shall take for thyself positive thinking
Packed with simple strategies, practical tips and straight-talk, this book will empower your decision-making and give you the confidence to tackle the unique challenges of parenting.

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