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Out now in paperback and ebook

by Michelle Shine

‘Any fan of the Impressionist artists, historical fiction, or of a ripping good read will be beguiled by this book. Exquisite writing.’ - Beth Cordingly

Dr Paul Gachet is a doctor and artist, and – against the unwelcoming backdrop of 1860s Paris – a homeopath. He lives, loves and works alongside the rebellious group of artists who will soon become known as the Impressionists, and his struggle for credibility mirrors theirs as he endeavours to bring homeopathy to the mainstream.

His desire to cure and understand the nature of healing substances pushes him to the brink as he imbibes his own medicine, falls in love, and agonises over his chosen path and the sacrifices he must make to follow it.

When he treats a young prostitute at the hospital Salpêtrière who is diagnosed with insanity, he discovers there’s so much more than just his integrity at stake.

Evoking the heady atmosphere of 19th century Paris, and the colours and characters of the artists of the time, this powerful debut by Michelle Shine will appeal to fans of atmospheric and authentic period drama and historical fiction.

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