The Wave by Kristen Crusoe

The Wave

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"An atmospheric, thoughtful story about self-discovery and the chance to start again. Shot through with vulnerability and hope, this is a poignant, powerful debut." - Tom Bromley

It should have been a relaxing day at the beach for Dr Clair Mercer and her family. But an argument with husband Adam distracts her from watching their four-year-old autistic son, and tragedy strikes when a sneaker wave sweeps him away.
Clair's well-ordered life is plunged into madness, and after attempting to murder her husband, she walks into the ocean. Arrested, charged and awaiting trial on a locked psychiatric unit, can she discover a path to forgiveness, for herself and the husband she tried to kill?

The Wave is a beautifully-written debut novel that explores the emotional complexity of family life and how suffering, self-realisation and the power of love can heal even the most wounded bonds of trust.

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