The Spectacular Vision of Oskar Dunkelblick

The Spectacular Vision of Oskar Dunkelblick

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Oskar is the ultimate teenage loner. He's been living on the streets since he was a kid, he hates being touched and his eyes are always itchy from chronic conjunctivitis. To perk himself up, he paints the misery of mankind. After all, there's so much of that about...


One day during a not-so-routine eye test, Oskar's bleak perspective is blown apart when he tries on a pair of very unusual lenses. The world he glimpses is filled with love, light and wonder  and he is furious. But those lenses have opened his inner eye and much against his darker nature, Oskar's perception and behaviour begin to change in ways that he could never, ever have imagined.


About the author

Hattie Edmonds has attempted many jobs, including junior assistant on Separates in Clements (of Watford) department store and chief plugger-in of cables in a Berlin recording studio. For ten years she was the London correspondent for the German pop magazine Bravo. After that, she became the in-house comedy writer at Comic Relief, working on projects with amongst others, Richard Curtis, Steve Coogan, Dawn French and Sacha Baron Cohen. Now she writes fiction full time and volunteers for the refugee charity Care4Calais.

T: @HatteHEdmonds

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