The Daisy Chain

The Daisy Chain

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by Al Campbell

If you like historical fiction mixed with gardening, art, adventure, espionage, skulduggery, smuggling, the slave trade and romance, this should be your next read.  

Set in Kew Gardens in Georgian England The Daisy Chain is a wonderful and surprising historical romp with a difference. It’s an engaging story about four strong women – a flower painter, a black slave, a Lord’s wife and a Queen. Based at Kew they build strong relationships whilst their menfolk travel the world plant-hunting in pursuit of the ‘Strelitzia Regina’ or Bird of Paradise Flower named after George III’s wife, Charlotte von Meklenburg-Strelitz.

Don’t take our word for how good it is, read the reviews. Everybody is saying it’s a true ‘page turner’, heart-warming, with the right amount of humour. It seems to really have got people excited about this period of history.

Read it on holiday, read it in the garden, read it on your allotment, or read it in bed – but don’t miss it!



RedDoor Press and author Al Campbell have combined with research produced by Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) to produce a contemporary dyslexia-friendly novel. The book, a specially formatted edition of Al Campbell’s debut work The Daisy Chain, mixes a font called Open Dyslexic with extended word and line spacing shown by ARU to make prose more accessible to dyslexics and the neuro-diverse.

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