One Last Question

One Last Question

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Will - charismatic, funny, incendiary Will – has died.

That means this year’s Boys’ Weekend with old schoolmates will be as much a wake as an annual excuse to cut loose and behave like they’re all eighteen again. 

But he has left his long-standing friends a parting gift – one last Brainmelter, the infamous pub quiz he used to devise every year to break up the drinking during those annual trips. 

When they finally pluck up the courage to play his video, Will’s questions turn out to be considerably more challenging than usual – tough enough to test their bonds to breaking point. 

Meanwhile, outside forces further disrupt their world as the weekend descends into chaos. 

Some secrets are carried to the grave. Others don’t make it that far. 

One Last Question is a darkly humorous story of friendship, men ageing disgracefully and what it means to lose someone you love. 

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