Countdown to a Killing

Countdown to a Killing

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Out in paperback and ebook on 7 July 2022

By Tom Vaughan Macaulay

London, Sicily, Huddersfield 2016–2017: Wen Li is a deeply kind and sensitive twenty-nine-old British-Chinese woman who suffers from severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, which manifests itself in an incessant, overwhelming fear that she might have murderous impulses. Unlucky in love and emotionally scarred, Wen falls for her colleague, Lomax, who is in love with a Sicilian young woman he met while working in Italy. He and Wen do share a mutual loathing of their boss who is struggling too – with a toxic relationship and his father’s refusal to accept his sexuality.

Told through interwoven correspondence, emails and WhatsApp messages, with the suspense around an impending murder steadily building,
Countdown to a Killing is a deep exploration of multiple perspectives and points of view of individuals who are inextricably bound. The key themes of love, sexuality, ethnicity, mental health and acceptance are sensitively explored in a unique linear yet multi-layered and metafictional narrative. Packed with humour, heartache and a cast of expertly-crafted characters, this contemporary take on the epistolary novel will have you laughing and crying in equal measure.