Coincidence of Spies

Coincidence of Spies

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by Brian Landers

Winter 1981. Poland is in turmoil. The Communist regime is close to collapse and the CIA wants to help it on its way.  They ask for MI6 support but insist the local MI6 Station isn’t involved. 

Why not?  Who will they accept?

MI6 agent Thomas Dylan is sent from Moscow. His wife Julia has witnessed a murder and the Russian authorities want her out of the country. 

But in Warsaw bullets start to fly. 

Two American agents disappear, a terrified Polish sailor jumps ship in Middlesbrough and a Polish peasant claims to have found the lost crown of a medieval King.

In London Julia needs to  work out what’s happening. 
And quickly.  Because a KGB killer is on the loose.


John le Carré meets Agatha Christie in the third gripping novel in The Dylan Series.


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