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It's a new year and we're excited to share our release line up for the first six months of 2022. To stay up to date with future announcements (including cover reveals and pre-order details) follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

The Psychopath - 10 February - AM Edwards

If American Psycho was a campus novel! The second novel on our Maguire Crime list will be our first release of 2022 and is already available to pre-order.

The Daisy Chain - 10 March - Al Campbell

A must-read for historical fiction fans. The Daisy Chain weaves together romance and espionage set against the backdrop of Kew Gardens in 1771. The Daisy Chain is available to pre-order now

The Better Brother - 17 March - Simon Gravatt

A darkly comic tale of sibling rivalry, The Better Brother is perfect for fans of David Nicholls, Jonathan Coe and Succession. Pre-order here

Raining Sideways - 14 April - Sally Vincent

This beautiful book by successful blogger Sally Vincent, is packed with delicious traditional recipes, comforting tales and beautiful hand-drawn illustrations. Available for pre-order from the RedDoor website soon!

Dinner with Eloise - 21 April - Count Collin Van Reenan

The second novel from RedDoor Count Collin Van Reenan, Dinner with Eloise is terrifying, strange and bewitching in equal measure - best read with the light firmly switched on! Pre-order on Amazon now.

Off Radar - 28 April - Simon Hardy

Former pilot and engineer Simon Hardy imagines how the tragedy of MH370 might have unfolded in this gripping and intelligent novel. Cover reveal and pre-order details will be announced soon!

The Knock Knock Man - 19 May - Russell Mardell

Legend has it that the Knock-Knock Man is a fiend, reputedly in league with the devil - if you hear him, it may already be too late! Supernatural horror meets crime fiction, coming to bookshelves in May 2022.

Countdown to a Killing - 26 May - Tom MacAulay

A beautiful contemporary take on the epistolary novel from RedDoor author Tom MacAulay. We can't wait for you to read this book, packed with humour, heartache and a cast of expertly-crafted characters. Cover reveal coming soon!

Zarrin - 9 June - David Briggs

We're thrilled to be publishing the second novel from David Briggs. Zarrin is a young woman’s odyssey as she flees across Europe in search of safetyCover reveal and pre-order details coming soon.

Song for Ria - 16 June - Michelle Shine

Song for Ria is a beautifully written tale of maternal grief. Coming to bookshelves in June 2022 with pre-order details announced soon.

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