The Tears of Monterini audiobook out soon!

We're delighted to announce that the audiobook for The Tears of Monterini will be released by Ulverscroft later this year. We know lots of people have been eagerly awaiting the audio edition, so this is really good news. 

Described by Vanessa Feltz as 'warm, moving and compelling' The Tears of Monterini is an essential read for anyone who loves Italy and historical fiction with a little bit of romance thrown in.

Monterini, Italy. 1921.

Yacobo Levi, an intellectual dreamer, works in the family bookshop. Angelo Ghione, a contadino, makes good wine by singing to the grapes. Lifetime best friends, their Jewish and Catholic families live side by side amidst a backdrop of village communal life, Etruscan tales and the growth of Benito Mussolini. Born on the same day, their children grow up and fall in love. When the 1938 racial laws are passed, the love between Bella and Rico thrives amidst and perhaps because of the fear and uncertainty. When Angelo discovers their liaison he suggests they marry but life is complicated and tensions simmer beneath the surface of love and friendship. When war is declared on the day of Bella’s wedding to Michele a fellow Jew, the peaceful village they live in is torn apart, and the Levis find themselves displaced and fighting for their lives. Will life ever be the same again?


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