Author Spotlight - Owen Martin

July, 2020

Owen Martin is the latest author to join the RedDoor list. He lives in Switzerland and has spent most of his life in executive leadership positions around the world. Managing companies in Asia, Europe and North America and extensive travel have been a necessary part of his life enabling him to see the world and its peoples in all its guises.

Owen ensures he spends quality time in Ireland every year to experience the ‘Irish Spring’ and Christmas with family and friends.

It was on one of these trips home that Owen first conceived the idea for his debut novel. When watching a news piece on the death of a wealthy public figure, Owen found himself reflecting on wealth and time. He remembers thinking that with unlimited wealth you could buy almost anything… time is one exception.

But what if you could? Owen began to wonder how buying time might work. Under what sort of circumstances might someone buy time. If they could, would they? Where would they get it? Who would sell it?

The more he began to question, the more the idea took hold.

His debut novel, Trading Time, tells the story of Geoff and Julia Madison who vow to fight a powerful US corporation that is planning to harvest time from one human to give to another.

Trading Time is a fast-paced and thought-provoking drama that challenges us to question scientific advances and the relationship between rich and poor in the contemporary world.

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